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About Flying Colours School

Swapnil Education Society, Pune was established in 2004 Wing Commander (Retd.) V. R. Paraskar of Indian Air Force to make the beautiful years of a child’s schooling a joyous experience and also shape and build character along with producing responsible and worthy citizens of this Great Nation. The Managing Committee of Swapnil Education Society is constituted of academicians, doctors, engineers, ¬†industrialists, defence officers, IPS Officers who have yeoman services behind them.

Our Mission

The aim of the school is to provide education with special emphasis on all round development, discipline and leadership Care is taken to see that the children develop love for their parents and country. Courage and leadership qualities are developed and children are prepared to face the world with confidence.

Our Vision

To make beautiful years of child’s schooling a joyous experience, shape & build character to live a patriotic & secular life by inculcating age old Indian values. To achieve excellence not only in academics but in all other fields, our integrated curriculum includes skills like linguistics, logical, spatial, kinesthetic, self learning, communication, life skills, orientation, global understanding, aesthetic expressions, development of balance & harmony, officer like qualities, intrapersonal intelligence, environmental spiritual & community awareness, art & craft, science & technology, health / sports, honesty integrity, compassion & empathy.

Why Name As¬†“Flying Colours School”

Colours attract us and are essential part of our daily life. Nature is colourful but lifestyle leaves us with stress, anger and ailment. Natural colours relax tense muscles, they lower our heart beats and pulse rate and help keep your BP normal. Colours also affect the vastu of a house and can help in reducing stress and anxiety. When light enters the body through the eyes or skin, it travels the neurological path to the pineal glands of the brain and ensures proper functioning of various organs. Just as a balanced diet, consisting of different coloured fruits, vegetables and grains give us all the necessary nutrients for a healthy body, so also sunlight provides us with all the essential elements, consisting of different coloured energy rays, so necessary for healthy living. Ingested food also carries coloured ray energy in it. If we do spectrum analysis of individual food items, we get colour spectrum on the screen. With a varied coloured balanced diet, we make our bodies healthy. Healthy body ensures healthy mind. Knowing this paramount of colours to life, Swapnil Education Society chose the name FLYING COLOURS, so that every moment teachers, students and parents are reminded importance of colours and make best use to ensure healthy body and healthy mind.